Disney is a great place to stay for a honeymoon, with fantastic resorts, great restaurants, and plenty of daytime and night time activities to keep you busy. Everything is self contained, so you just get there and have a fantastic time. So, you are sold on Disney, now, where are you going to stay on your honeymoon?

Disney Polynesian

#10: Boardwalk Inn – Located at Walt Disney World, the Boardwalk Inn takes you back in time to a North East Sea Side resorts, with the Boardwalk and all. Great walking areas, fantastic location near Epcot and restaurant choices abound. If you have the money the garden suites are the best honeymoon rooms anywhere.

#9: Contemporary Resort – Located at the Walt Disney World, the Contemporary has a great location near the Magic Kingdom, updated rooms and great views. The resort sometimes feels impersonal, but if you are after the views and location, the Contemporary can’t be beat.

#8: Disneyland Hotel – Located at Disneyland, the Disneyland Hotel is a fantastic place to stay on the West Coast. Great views of the parks, a fun location near Downtown Disney and the monorail to Disneyland, it is far enough away from everything to be quite, but close enough to be convenient. Splurge for a theme park view concierge room, the view of the parks is fantastic.

#7: Wilderness Lodge – Located at Walt Disney World, the Wilderness Lodge is a replica of the old time railroad lodges of the West. Rustic and surrounded by pine forests, the Wilderness Lodge is quiet and feels remote, but is close to the parks. The only WDW resort with a honeymoon suite.

#6: Beach Club/Yacht Club – Located at Walt Disney World, these sister resorts are located near the Boardwalk Inn, but offer a nicer pool and a bit better location, closer to Epcot, and away from the noisy Boardwalk.

#5: Grand Californian – Located at Disneyland, the Grand Californian is a beautiful resort in the craftsman style. Located in the California Adventure theme parks, you have direct access to the park, and a short walk from Disneyland.

#4: Animal Kingdom Lodge – Located at Walt Disney World, the Animal Kingdom Lodge is a fantastic honeymoon resort, great views from the rooms, great restaurants, very quiet and very unique. The only downfall is that it is so remote, you have to hop on a bus to go anywhere. For some, that is a plus, for others, a negative.

#3: Disneyland Hotel Paris – Located at the Disneyland Paris resort, the Disneyland Hotel Paris is actually located in the Disneyland Paris theme park. To enter the park, you have to walk under the resort (the ticket booths are on the ground level). Great views from the theme park view rooms, a short walk to either park, and an hour train ride to central Paris.

#2: Grand Floridian – Located at Walt Disney World, the Grand Floridian is Disney’s flagship resort. Opulent, breath taking and just a bit stuffy. Stunningly beautiful resort in a great location near the Magic Kingdom. If you want the best Disney has to offer, this is the place.

#1: Polynesian – Located at Walt Disney World, the Polynesian is our number one honeymoon resort. With great rooms, wonderful Magic Kingdom views, a beach, a fantastic pool and the monorail, the Polynesian is hard to beat. You really feel like you have gone to Hawaii on your honeymoon, but only a few minutes away from the theme parks.

Disney Top 10 Honeymoon Resorts
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2 thoughts on “Disney Top 10 Honeymoon Resorts

  • November 25, 2007 at 1:14 am

    Great list, very helpful while we are planning our honeymoon to Disney World. We have narrowed out choice down to our top three:

    1. Boardwalk Inn, we really want to stay in a garden suite, but I think the cost is going to prevent this. Maybe I will win the lottery between now and then.

    2. Wilderness Lodge, probably closer to our price range, and my fiancee loves the feel of the resort, and that is all that matters.

    3. Caribbean Beach, our back up plan, we can still get a king be room here (important for our honeymoon), and a money saver, plus we were torn between Disney and a Caribbean honeymoon, so this would be a decent option.

    I think we will end up at the Wilderness Lodge, we will both be very happy with that option. Thanks for the tips!

  • October 17, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    I would also put the Polynesian higher than the Grand Floridian. The atmosphere is a lot different and I would say a little more welcoming at the Polynesian.

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