The Walt Disney Company has pioneered the face of childhood cinema since it was first founded in 1923, captivating the likes of many people, young and old. The heart-warming array of Disney films have always produced fascinating characters, a signature feature to most are the classic Princess; beautiful, kind- the heroine. Every girl grows up wishing they were a princess, parading around the house in their newly purchased plastic tiara, and the oversized shoes stolen from mum’s wardrobe. Undeniably speaking Disney has set the bar for what a true Princess should be, a picture perfect fairytale depiction of the leading Princess’ across the world.  Here are our Disney top 10 Disney princesses.

#10: Tiana – Inspired by the Grimm brothers’ tale The Frog Prince, the Disney production The Princess and the Frog princess Tiana is a waitress and an aspiring restaurant owner in New Orleans. Tiana falls in love with Nevan who has been cursed by an evil voodoo witch to turn him into a frog.

#9: Aurora – Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Aurora is another classic favorite, cursed at her christening by the evil fairy Maleficient, the princess is to enter a deep sleep at the age of 16th after pricking her finger on the spindle from the spindle wheel. Another grand rescue comes from Prince Phillip, a man she meets in the forest before her birthday.

#8: Mulan – Mulan is another independent and self-sustaining princess that doesn’t abide by the rules thrusted upon her by anyone else. By disguising herself as a boy to save her father, Mulan is perhaps the most unorthodox of all the princesses.

#7: Ariel – Ariel isn’t any ordinary princess; she’s a mermaid princess. Paired with a healthy appetite for adventure, her curiosity gets her in trouble. Ariel doesn’t conform to the wishes of her parents- featuring that rebellious streak we also see in Princess Jasmine. Paired with that striking beautiful red hair, Ariel is a unique beauty that strives to make her own decisions. The controversy of her choice of Prince makes her story all the more intriguing.

#6: Belle – Who could forget that fabulously yellow ball gown Belle wears when she dines with the beast, in Beauty and the Beast. A true vision, Belle epitomizes your typical girl-next-door with her interest in reading and books causing her to stand apart from the social norms for a girl of her age in a French village.

#5: Pocahontas – Daughter of a Native American chief, Pocahontas was the first American princess of her time. Her name itself means “little mischief” or “the naughty one”, and is the first princess to have two conflicting love interests rather then one.

#4: Rapunzel – “Rapunzel, Rapunzel… let down your hair”, the famous quote we all know so well of the longhaired and blue-eyed beauty that is Rapunzel. Rapunzel is unlike any other princess, as she has the power to heal and reverse ageing. Mother Gothel kidnapped her as a child and locked her in a tower up until her 18th birthday, where she waited for her “life to begin”. Saved by a knight in shining armor, Rapunzel is a true damsel in distress seeking to be rescued from her life of solitude.

#3: Snow White – The tale of Snow White has circulated amongst children tales for years; Disney’s version was the youngest princess they’d ever produced. Snow White’s enchanting beauty shares strong association to nature making her a loveable character to all! Similar to Cinderella, Snow Whites suppressed and unappreciated by an evil protagonist, jealous of her beauty. A happy ending is also in store for this princess as she meets the loveable friendly dwarfs, who help her overrule the wicked Queen!

#2: Jasmine – Strong willed, good natured and charitable, you can’t help but love Princess Jasmine. Rebelling against her father’s wishes for an arranged marriage, Jasmine turns her back on her parent’s expectations. Falling in love with Aladdin entailing that highly anticipated happy ending, Princess Jasmine ticks all the boxes.

#1: Cinderella – Disney’s quintessential princess, beautiful, kind and gentle. The leading princess’ tale of suppression and imprisonment by the fiery evil stepmother makes her the perfect damsel in distress, making it almost impossible not to fall for her charm. With a healthy dose of magic and sparkle surrounding her trip to the ball, she’s one to inspire fascination and awe!

Big thanks to Hester, who works with No1 Traveller in London.

Disney Top 10 Princesses
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