Almost every person that walks thru the gates of a Disney World park ends up walking out with a Disney World shopping bag in their hands. I would even figure that a large portion of Disney World revenues are generated out of the multiple store and shops on property. For Disneyana fans, this is a fact that they can live with! Here is a list of the best WDW stores and shops, from a Disney collector’s point of view (of course your list may differ):

#10: Stores in Germany Pavilion – Epcot – Out of all the counties in Epcot’s World Showcase, the stores in Germany are chalk full of eye candy! Besides carrying many famous German brands, such as Goebel Hummels and Steiff bears, there are also some great Disneyana collectibles to purchase from those same companies mentioned.

#9: Pirate’s Bazaar – Magic Kingdom – Now we all know that Disney is great at placing stores right outside of attraction exits. Pirates of the Caribbean is no exception. Besides being the place to purchase all of your pirate needs, the fantastic theming and story from the attraction carry right into the Bazaar. Oh, and don’t forget to get your picture taken beside the lovely fountain in the middle.

#8: Tower Hotel Gifts – Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Another great attraction shop with great theming throughout. Look for great glasswear in this store.

#7: Sid Cahuennga’s – Disney’s Hollywood Studios – It would only make sense to have a store with movie memorabilia in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is a great place to find movie and TV props, some signed sports collectibles and tons of autographed pictures. Don’t forget to check out the great vintage Disney movie posters on the front porch of the building.

#6: Uptown Jewlers – Magic Kingdom – Located in the heart of Main St. USA, Uptown Jewelers is the place in the Magic Kingdom to find the perfect watch for every Disney lover. Peruse the many jewellery cases but remember to head to the back of the store for one the best Pin selections in all of Disney World.

#5: Pin stores – Various locations – If you are looking to start a Disney collection, pins should be your first consideration. To help you start, Disney World has a great number of pins shops and carts throughout the entire resort. The best locations to view a wide variety of pins are Disney’s Pin Traders in Downtown Disney and Pin Central in Epcot.

#4: Disney’s Days of Christmas – Downtown Disney – It’s July 4th and you can’t get your mind off Christmas. You need a fix! Head to Disney’s Days of Christmas and you will be set until December 25th. You’ll be able to fill your entire tree (and maybe 9 more) with fantastic Disney themed Christmas decorations and personalized gifts.

#3: Emporium – Magic Kingdom – All Disney parks have one central major store where you can find all types of Disney merchandise. The one that stands out as the best is the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom. Where else can you shop while watching a parade thru the store doorways?!? And when you shop around the store, you can feel the magic just oozing from the walls.

#2: World of Disney – Downtown Disney – All Disney World Fanatics know that this is the place to pick up Disney World merchandise. Without a doubt, it is the largest store in all of Disney World. Here you can pick up that favorite Disney t-shirt with a matching hat, your new coffee mug, a pin or two and Timmy or Sally’s first plush Mickey. Better yet, you don’t need park admission to get into this store!

#1: Art of Disney – Various locations – For the diehard Disney collector with a vault full of money, the Art of Disney stores are the place to shop. Stores located in Downtown Disney, Animal Kingdom and Epcot go by the Art of Disney name. The location in Magic Kingdom is known as the Main St. Gallery and the Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s shop is known as the Animation Gallery. Here you can find limited edition art prints, cels, posters and fantastic figurines, including the Walt Disney Classics Collection line. If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase one of the wonderful items in these stores, make sure you check them out anyway. You don’t want to miss some of the great original artwork on display.

Big Thanks to James for writing this great Disney Top 10 post, he knows his stuff. You can follow James on Twitter at (@DisneyNorth) for great Disney info with a Canadian twist.

Disney Top 10 WDW Stores and Shops
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