While Walt Disney World is known for being a great place for kids and families, it may be even better for an adult only trip. Disney World has some of the best restaurants in central Florida, and many are very romantic, and surprisingly, have very few kids in attendance. So, without further adieu, our top 10 romantic restaurants at Walt Disney World:

Contemporary Resort

#10: Coral Reef – located in Epcot, coral reef features an entire wall of the restaurant that is a side of a huge aquarium. This creates a unique dining experience, with interesting light patterns throughout the restaurant. Since it is in Epcot, there will be plenty of kids around to see the fish, but there are some nice quiet corners where you can enjoy the food and views without being disturbed too much.

#9: Jiko – located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jiko features interesting dishes with an African influence. Jiko features a fantastic atmosphere, with constantly changing lighting, and many quiet dining areas. You get an extra bonus, so show up early. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is surrounded by savannas full of African animals, so show up 30 minutes early and spend some time walking around the resort.

# 8: Narcoossee’s – located in the Grand Floridian, Narcoossee’s features pretty standard, though high quality, fare. The thing that sets the restaurant apart is the location. Built hovering over Seven Seas Lagoon, most tables in the restaurant feature fantastic views of the Magic Kingdom, and if your timing is right, the Electric Water parade.

#7: Yachtsman Steakhouse – located in the Yacht Club Resort, Yachtsman is home to the best steaks on Disney property. If you significant other is a meat and potatoes kind of person, this is the place for your romantic dinner. While they do offer a few other entrees, it is a steakhouse. Yachtsman is a short walk from Epcot, and is a nice break from the crowds at Epcot.

#6: Artist’s Point – located in the Wilderness Lodge, Artist’s Point features food from the West such as Buffalo Steak. The restaurant features fantastic panorama views overlooking the Wilderness Lodge and Bay Lake. It really feels like you are dining in Yellowstone, but with fantastic food.

#5: Flying Fish Cafe – located on the Boardwalk, Flying Fish is a fish house, if you couldn’t guess. Fantastic, lively atmosphere just adds to the high quality food available. If you want fish, and your partner wants a steak, no worries, Flying Fish offers the best steak on property. Strange but true.

#4: Cinderella’s Royal Table – located in the Magic Kingdom. Ok, a character meal is romantic? Well, for many people, eating in Cinderella’s Castle is a dream come true, for princesses of all ages. Try dinner here, Cinderella and her princess friends are absent, but the atmosphere is fantastic, with great views of the Magic Kingdom from inside the castle. Like no other restaurant on earth. The food isn’t quite on par with the other romantic restaurants listed, but you pay dearly for the location, and it is worth it.

#3: Victoria and Albert’s – located in the Grand Floridian. Disney only restaurant that requires a coat and tie, so come prepared. A unique restaurant, as all the staff is named either Victoria or Albert. Custom menus available as well, if you are looking for a particular meal for a special occasion. While this restaurant doesn’t offer spectacular views, it is all about the experience.

#2: Rose and Crown – located in Epcot. While this ranking may be a bit high, Rose and Crown offers a unique restaurant experience, front row seats to the nightly fireworks show at Epcot, Illuminations. Rose and Crown features a large patio, with lagoon side seating, that is worth the time and effort to get a good table. Show up early for your reservation and ask for a water side seat, and be prepared to wait.

#1: California Grill – located atop the Contemporary resort, the California Grill offers fantastic food, great atmosphere and a top of the world view of the Magic Kingdom and the nightly fireworks. Make sure you time your reservation correctly to coincide with the fireworks. High quality food, views and unparaleled romanticism make this our top choice for romantic restaurants at WDW.

Please note all of these restaurants require Advanced Dining Reservations, and many sell out months ahead of time, so plan accordingly. While you will be ok with theme park attire in many of these restaurants, please check in advance so that you will be admitted and comfortable eating at the restaurant of your choice.

Disney Top 10 WDW romantic restaurants
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4 thoughts on “Disney Top 10 WDW romantic restaurants

  • November 25, 2007 at 1:19 am

    While we have yet to decide on your honeymoon resort, our honeymoon restaurants are already chosen:

    Coral Reef
    Le Cellier
    Rose and Crown
    Artist’s Point (if we stay at the Wilderness Lodge)
    California Grill (on our last night)

  • October 26, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Do forget sitting down by the river at San Angel’s in the Mexico pavillon. Dark and beautiful, it is a traditional dinner without the kids for me and my wife.

  • June 26, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    I noticed in the most romantic places to eat that the California Grill is #1, mentioning that it has fantastic food. This restaurant is also on the ten worst places to eat due to bad food and/or service. How can the food be fantastic on one page and not so on the other? Just curious.

  • October 10, 2011 at 11:35 am

    How can the Yachtsman and The Flying Fish both have the “Best Steaks on Disney Property”?

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