Disney World offers fantastic rides, but in addition to the great rides, Disney also offers great ways to get around the resort and parks. Whether you are going from your resort to a theme park, or just getting around the theme park itself, getting there is half the fun. Here are our top 10 modes of transportation at Walt Disney World:

Disney Monorail

#10: Parking Lot Trams – While not exciting at all, and you really don’t get to see much but the parking lot, the trams are fun, and for many people, the first “ride” they get to experience at Disney. Pay close attention to the driver’s announcement, they are often very hilarious.

#9: Horse-drawn Trolley – Located along Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, the horse-drawn trolleys are a slow moving way to get down main street. If you can get by the smell the horses leave behind, it is a fun way to enter the Magic Kingdom.

#8: Horse-drawn Wagons – Located at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, the horse-drawn wagons take you around the areas surrounding the resort, and are a fun activity for adults and kids. Hay included.

#7: Walt Disney World Buses – Definitely low on the excitement scale, but extremely high on the functionality scale. These buses are everywhere, and can get you from just about any spot you are to any spot you want to go to. Make friends with the buses, and they will treat you right.

#6: Fire Engine – Located on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, this replica of an old time fire engine brings back memories for many of thee older guests, and sparks dream in the younger ones. The fire engines makes for a fun, and often noisy, ride down Main Street.

#5: Omnibus – Also located on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, this is my favorite way to start a day in the Magic Kingdom. The two story bus is a ride in itself. Hop on the top level for great views of Main Street.

#4: Walt Disney World Boats – It seems as though there are as many boats at WDW as buses. My favorites are the big ferry that goes back and forth between the Ticket and Transportation Center and the Magic Kingdom. Great views from the top deck of the resorts and the Magic Kingdom. The Port Orleans boat is also very fun, going back and forth between the Port Orleans resorts and Downtown Disney. Boat service at WDW might be slow compared to other options, but you usually get views you can’t get from anywhere else.

#3: People Mover – While technically a ride and not a mode of transportation, it was originally designed as a way to get around Tomorrowland. Quiet, quick and pollution free, it was to be the transportation of tomorrow. Renamed the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (what were they thinking?), it is now a relaxing way to see tomorrowland from a different angle.

#2: Walt Disney World Railroad – While also a ride in the Magic Kingdom, the Walt Disney World Railroad is a fun way to get from one part of the Magic Kingdom to another. These are original early twentieth century trains, complete with steam and whistles. Just sit back and relax as you enjoy a tour of the Magic Kingdom.

#1: Monorail – Disney World has two separate monorails, one service the Magic Kingdom and near by resorts, and a second service Epcot, both connecting at the Ticket and Transportation Center. Great views, a fun ride and a great way to get around. If it isn’t crowded, make sure you ask to sit up from. The area where the pilot sits also has seats for up to 6 people, and you get a great view out of the front of the monorail, and it is really cool to see how you actually drive the monorail.

Disney Top 10 WDW modes of transportation
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