Walt Disney World some fantastic character meals, but honestly, how many can you really do during your Disney World vacation? I get burned out after two. Now that my kids are older, we may do one if we do any. I can only take so many buffets, and I want to enjoy my meals while at the parks, that is half the fun of going. So, where can you go where the food for adults is fantastic, it is still entertaining and the food for kids is even better?

California Grill

#10: 50’s Prime Time Cafe – Traditional Meatloaf – Super fun place to eat, and the kids just love it when Dad has to eat his green beans and clean their plate. Good food, good fun.

#9: Spoodles – Beef Kabob – Loud, fun restaurant not far from Epcot. The Beef Kabobs have great flavor, and are familiar enough to kids that they have no problem eating them.

#8: Restaurant Marrakesh – Vegetable Couscous – the traditional meal of Morocco is presented to kids in a cool, different restaurant. With the chance for kids to learn how to belly dance, and the vegetable couscous, Restaurant Marakkesh will make you feel like you are in Morocco.

#7: Chefs de France – Croquette de Boeuf En Brioche – In what is in essence a fancy hamburger with an even fancier name, Chefs de France offers kids a chance to eat in a French restaurant without having to eat escargot.

#6: Rose and Crown – Cottage Pie – A super good mixture of things all kids love, ground beef, mashed potatoes and cheese. Throw in a few carrots and you have yourself a fantastic cottage pie. Great views of Illuminations from most of the outside tables, this is an interesting place to eat.

#5: Flying Fish – “Flying Fish” of the day – The Flying Fish offers the freshest sea food at Disney World, and the kids options are no different. If your kids love fish, this is the place to go. Small and intimate, all kids love the open kitchen.

#4: Coral Reef – Grilled Mahi Mahi – With an entire wall that is a open view of an aquarium, the Coral Reef offers wonderful fish for kids and adults, and an ever changing view of fish, sharks and turtles.

#3: Artist’s Point – Baked Salmon – Artist’s Point is famous for their Salmon entree for adults, and their kids option is just as good. Great restaurant with great views during the day, and after dark, the walk through the Wilderness Lodge courtyard is fantastic.

#2: Yachtsman Steakhouse – Slow Roasted Prime Rib – If your kids love beef, Yachtsman will offer you better options than anywhere on Disney property. This Prime Rib is so good, I have seem parents trying to trade their meals for their kid’s Prime Rib.

#1: California Grill –  Oak Fired Rib Steak – Great kids meal, and with a towering view of the Magic Kingdom, California Grill is the number one kids meal in Walt Disney World. Make your reservations for an hour before the Magic Kingdom fireworks, you will have fantastic food and an even better view.

Disney Top 10 WDW Meals for Kids
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2 thoughts on “Disney Top 10 WDW Meals for Kids

  • December 13, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    Our kids loved the new Tokyo Dining, the restaurants is beautiful, active, and the kids tempura looked and tasted fantastic. Definitely in my kid’s top 10.

  • December 13, 2007 at 11:36 pm

    Melissa – I would have to agree, it does sound good, but I have not had a chance to eat there yet, nor have my kids. We will be there in a few weeks, I am sure it will make my top 10 once we eat there.

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