Just in case you hadn’t noticed, Walt Disney World is pretty smart. They realized a while ago that Disney World needed special events to draw people into the parks during “off season”. Now, summer is always crowded, as is the week of Christmas and Spring Break, but other times of the year can be pretty slow at Disney World. So, enter the Event. As time has gone on, a few more events have been added, most recently, the Pirate and Princess Party that has been happening in the Spring and Fall since 2007. Here are our top 10 Walt Disney World events:

Food and Wine Festival

#10: ABC Super Soap Weekend – Now, granted, I hate soap operas, so it plausible this may be #1 on your list, but it barely squeaks into the top 10 on mine.  Usually held the second weekend in November, the Super Soap Weekend brings together all of ABC soap starts and their adoring fans in one theme park (Disney’s Hollywood Studios). Get your autograph with your favorite soap star, or even win a chance to star along side one of the hunks in “I want to be a soap star!”. Good luck ladies!

#9: Star Wars Weekend – again, not really up my alley, but this one at least sounds a little cool. Usually held in late May or early June, the Star Wars Weekend has become more like the Star Wars Weekend for a month event. Meet Star Wars characters and actors, learn how to use a lightsaber or  talk like Yoda. If you love, or even like, Star Wars, you should make your way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios one of these weekends.

#8: Night of Joy – Usually held in the Magic Kingdom the first full weekend in September (not ever Labor Day Weekend though), the Night of Joy features Contemporary Christian acts performing live for two nights. For 2008, the event moves to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it will be interesting to see if it stays there.

#7: ESPN The Weekend – If you are into sports, and who isn’t?, the ESPN Weekend is for you. Featuring ESPN’s top celebrities, and sports stars that you all know, ESPN the Weekend is a blast, and covers just about every square inch of WDW. Usually held the last weekend in February, the coolest part is all these guys have families, and they want to ride the rides too. You never know when you will get to ride Pirates of the Caribbean with Peyton Manning and family, or Tower of Terror with Johnny Bench.

#6: Pirate and Princess Party – The new kid on the block, and already very popular. Held each Springs (January and February), and then again in the Fall (September), the Pirate and Princess party allows kids of all ages to dress as their favorite Pirate or Princess in the Magic Kingdom for a few hours, complete with rides, a special parade, and classes on how to be a better pirate or princess.

#5: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – Along the lines of the Pirate and Princess party, the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party allows you to come into the Magic Kingdom all dressed up for Halloween. Special parades and fireworks great you, and you can even trick or treat your way up Main Street. This is really a fun party, and your only chance to get a picture with your favorite character all dressed up for Halloween.

#4: Holidays Around the World – Held in Epcot, this is basically all the countries of the World Showcase dressed up for the holidays. Epcot is the place to be at Christmas time, with the Candlelight Processional, special storytellers and carolers in each country, tree lighting ceremonies, and if you are lucky, you could glimpse Santa Clause in each country, dressed as that county sees him.

#3: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – The Grand daddy of them all. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is held yearly in the Magic Kingdom during late November and December. The Magic Kingdom is all decked out for the Holidays, and nothing is more special than walking down Main Street while it snows and Holiday music is playing (and it is still 78 degrees outside). Special Holiday events and activities await you, even photos with Santa Clause and hot chocolate add to the mood.

#2: Flower and Garden Festival – Held in Epcot during the late Springs (March through May), the Flower and Garden festival dressed up Epcot like you have never seen before. Special Flower arrangements abound, nothing like seeing your childhood Disney stars made out of plants. Plus, the Flower Power concert series makes it all worth while, with great acts from the 60’s performing nightly.

#1: Epcot International Food and Wine Festival –  Truly, the reason why I love Epcot and Walt Disney World. I love to eat at the many restaurants of Epcot, and during the Food and Wine festival, an additional 40 or so booths are set up throughout the World Showcase featuring food from around the world, most coming from countries not represented in Epcot. This is a great opportunity to taste food you normally wouldn’t see in Epcot, or anywhere else for that matter outside the host country. All portions are small, so you don’t fill up after one or two countries. Drinks are available as well from most countries, so pace yourself so you make it all the way around the World Showcase. Held each fall from late September until the middle of November.

Disney Top 10 WDW Events
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  • January 16, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    My wife and I attended the Food and Wine festival this past year. It was great fun! We decided we would make it a tradition.

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