Downtown Disney, which is basically a big outdoor mall by Disney, is a fun destination during your Walt Disney World vacation. First off, it is free, well, as long as you don’t buy anything, which is unlikely. Second, it is a nice break from the parks. Plus, there are some fantastic stores and restaurants that you really need to visit before heading home. Here are our top 10 stores at Downtown Disney:

World of Disney

#10: Disney Tails – Do you have a pet that loves Disney as much as you do? Disney Tails offers unique, and in many cases personalized gifts for your four legged friend. They also offer freshly baked treats, a great place to pick up the friend you had to leave at home.

#9: Mickey’s Pantry – If you are looking for a great gift, or something to spice up your kitchen and remind you of your Disney World vacation, Mickey’s Pantry has Disney themed kitchen items, from mugs and glasses to cooking utensils, cabinet knobs and small appliances. Some of their  items are really nice looking, and are more of a hidden mickey feeling, while others are Disney all the way.

#8: Pooh Corner –  If you know someone who wishes they lived in the 100 acre woods, Pooh Corner needs to be on your list. Whether it is Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga or Ro, Disney has your needs covered. Fantastic little store with some great Pooh items.

#7: Team Mickey Athletic Club – For all sports fans, this is a destination rather than a shop. Great jerseys, balls, shoes, shirts and sports items of every sort. This store is always crowded, and deservedly so. Take your time looking around, Team Mickey has a much better ESPN selection than the ESPN store on the Boardwalk.

#6: The Art of Disney –  My personal favorite in Downtown Disney, The Art of Disney features all sorts of Disney art, from lithographs to posters and even those fantastic big ceramic  characters. If you are looking to decorate an office (as I am constantly doing) or a room in your home, The Art of Disney will features some affordable, and not so affordable, works of art to make your room special.

#5: Lego Imagination Center – The only non-Disney shop in the Top 10, the Lego Imagination Store is probably the best presented store in Downtown Disney. Over sized Lego items are all around the front of the store, and even a huge Lego dragon in the lake not far from the entrance. Legos are about all that are available in the store, but who doesn’t love Legos?

#4: Once Upon a Toy –  Great Disney and other toys, from board games, stuffed animals and the world famous Disney Mr. Potato Head. My favorite toy is the model monorail, and it is tough to narrow it down to just one toy.

#3: Disney’s Days of Christmas –  Whether you are visiting Disney World around the Holidays, or in the middle of Summer, Disney’s Days of Christmas is always stuck on December 25. A great place to pick up new ornaments or decorations for the upcoming Christmas season.

#2: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – While technically not a store, I had to list Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in this Top 10. Probably the best place on earth for little girls, BBB takes you on  a magical adventure of turning you from a normal little girl into a princess, complete with gown, brand new hairdo and tiara. If you, or your daughter has ever wanted to be a princess, you have to make a reservation.

#1: World of Disney – The World of Disney is the ultimate Disney Store. This place is huge, and covers everything Disney, from clothes to pins and everything in between. This should be your first and last stop when visiting Downtown Disney.

Disney Top 10 Stores in Downtown Disney
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