The Magic Kingdom is overwhelming in shear number of rides and shows compared to the other Disney theme parks. Based on the original Disneyland in California, the Magic Kingdom has expanded over the years to include new rides, while keeping many of the original favorites. While lacking a true “thrill ride” a la Rock N Roller Coaster or Expedition Everest, the Magic Kingdom is hard to beat when it comes to great rides.

#10: Carousel of Progress – Originally built by Walt himself (though he probably had help in the construction) for the New York World’s Fair in 1964, Carousel of Progress is the longest running stage show in the world. Just sit back and relax and follow your favorite animatronic family through 20th Century technology. See it once and “It’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” will be in your head the rest of the day.

#9: Walt Disney World Railroad – Another of Walt’s pet projects, the Disney Railroad encircles the Magic Kingdom. While not a super efficient mode of getting around the park, it is hard to beat the relaxing feeling of climbing aboard one of the cars and listed to the miles pass by (or feet as it may be) while the steam engine moves you from land to land.

#8: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Welcome to the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness! Your runaway mine car is a thrill a second, narrowly missing falling rocks, dangerous cliffs, a goat chewing dynamite and a dinosaur skeleton. Not the fastest or biggest of roller coasters, Big Thunder does offer a run ride, and is one of the first roller coasters little kids can ride, a great introduction for toddlers!

#7: Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover – Ugg, is that a long enough name? C’mon Disney, just pick Peoplemover or TTA, not both together. If it had a better name, it would have been ranked higher. Powered by magnetic forces, TTAP whisks you through Tomorrowland, giving you a bird’s eye view of the land and an interesting perspective of many of the Tomorrowland rides. A great way to relax, the line is usually short, I would much rather ride TTAP than sit on a park bench for a rest any day.

#6: Jungle Cruise – Full of corny jokes, silly animatronic animals and an impossible itinerary, the Jungle Cruise is a favorite of young and old. While the jokes get a bit stale (The Backside of Water!), the ride can’t be beat for pure Disney fun.

#5: Haunted Mansion – Creepy and fun all in one ride. Climb aboard the Doom Buggy and ride through the Haunted Mansion where a the one and only Ghost Host introduces you to his closest 999 dearly departed friends. While not overly scary, the Haunted Mansion does offer some of the best effects in all the parks, it is always fun to see which hitchhiker you get.

Hurry back… be sure to bring your death certificate, if you decide to join us. Make final arrangements now. We’ve been ‘dying’ to have you…

#4: Splash Mountain – A combination water ride and roller coaster, Splash Mountain offers guests a fun ride through the world of Brer Rabbit and friends, including Brer Rabbit’s capture and eventual “toss” into the briar patch. One of the most picturesque rides in all of Disney, Slippin’ Falls is viewable from the walkway around the ride, and many guests spend hours just watching the poor fools go over the falls.

#3: Peter Pan’s Flight – An original Disneyland attraction, Peter Pan’s Flight allows you to fly over London and Neverland just like Peter Pan, in little flying ships. A magical ride, you really can ride this over and over and love it every time. While you will still grow up, Peter Pan gives you a few minutes of your childhood back.

#2: Pirate of the Caribbean – Pirates is one of the rides that makes Disney better than any other theme park out there. Magical, adventurous and fun all at the same time, Pirates is the ride to ride for most people who visit the Magic Kingdom. While the addition of Jack Sparrow was a mistake (though I can understand why Noobies would want to see him in the ride), the essence of the ride remains, and it is wonderful.

#1: Space Mountain – The closest to a thrill ride the Magic Kingdom has to offer, Space Mountain still offers more to guests than most high speed roller coasters at other parks. Dark, twisty and full of fun, Space Mountain takes you on a short ride into space, including new Starry-O-Phonic sound and lighting effects. Space Mountain is the icon of the Magic Kingdom.

Did you like the top 10? Did I miss your favorite ride, or include one you think shouldn’t be there?

Disney Top 10 Rides in the Magic Kingdom
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