• Conservation Station

    For the most part, Disney parks around the world have fantastic, creative and exciting rides. Every once and a while, whether due to lack of time or money, they put out a real stinker. I honestly had a very hard time coming up with this list, for most rides, there is something decent about them. It is possible your list might be completely different than mine, feel free to list it in the comments below.

    #10: Magic Carpets of Aladdin – In an attempt to replicate the Dumbo magic, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin is another in the long line of 2-D spinning rides, they all go around in a circle, and the individual cars can go up and down. Any older than about 3 is bored to death in seconds. On its own, the ride is ok, but with a few others exactly like it in the parks, Disney should have passed on this one.

    #9: Triceratops Spin – See #10. Another Dumbo wanna be, but when paired with the horrific Dinoland USA, Triceratops Spin beats out Aladdin for the spin rides.

    #8: Tom Sawyer Island – What used to be a wonderland as a kid in the early 70’s, it has become a forgotten wasteland that most guests bypass (good for them). What could be a fantastic playland for kids and adults is in horrible need of updating, and honestly an alternative to get on and off the island, every time I go over, it takes an hour to wait through the line to get back.

    #7: The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm – A rollercoaster for little kids, but the lines are always long, the ride is extremely short and there is no excitement at all. You never hear kids wanting to ride it again. While Disneyland has the Matterhorn where kids as little as 2 or 3 can ride, the Magic Kingdom has the Barnstormer. Ugg.

    #6: The Enchanted Tiki Room, Under New Management – Please understand, the Tiki Room at Disneyland is one of my favorite attactions, just fantastic. Disney decided to mess with the formula, and totally ruined it. Now featuring Iago and Zazu, along with many of the original birds, it just has lost the magic of the original.

    #5: Body Wars – OK, I know this ride is closed part time/permanently. It has to be included on the list though, it is/was horrific! A motion simulator similar to Star Tours, you entered the body as a miniature spaceship, and visited several parts of the body via the blood stream. Never a wait, even over Christmas, and nary a decent story line to be fine. It makes most people ill, and I have yet to meet a person who has rode this ride twice in one day.

    #4: Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable – This movie is basically just Pumba and Timon from the Lion King added to remnants of Symbiosis, and Environmental film that opened in Epcot during 1982. It seems much older than 26 years, and Disney is missing a huge opportunity to teach and entertain the crowds coming to ride Soarin!

    #3: Stitch’s Great Escape – A feeble attempt by Disney brass to turn the unpopular ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter in the Magic Kingdom into something more family friendly. The budget, no matter how much it was, wasn’t enough. This ride is neither entertaining, scary or funny.

    #2: Journey Into Imagination – Another remake, this is a really, really bad ride. The original, while not great, was much beloved and miss. Dreamfinder and Figment are still found on t-shirts and stuffed animals throughout Epcot. While Figment has returned in this third itineration, his presence does not save this ride. No lines even during the busiest parts of the year, no interesting parts of the ride, the only reason to ride it is to get out of the heat.

    #1: Conservation Station – I don’t know where to start. Who designs a ride that requires that you ride another ride to and from it in order to visit? The Wildlife Express Train that goes back and forth between the Animal Kingdom and Conservation Station is actually cool, you get to see cool backstage areas and who doesn’t love riding on a train? However, once there, they force you off the train, and to the back of the line to return back to the parks. There isn’t anything interesting at Conservation Station, but are often forced to stay there for long periods of time waiting for a return train. Please, never, ever, go to Conservation Station, you will thank me.

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    This entry was posted on Monday, June 23rd, 2008 at 9:30 pm and is filed under Walt Disney World. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

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    1. Amanda
      Jun 27th


    2. Jun 27th


      Thank you for stopping by. It sure would be nice if you had read the post before you started ranting. Maybe even reading the first paragraph would have been helpful. For the most part, these rides are pretty decent, but in my opinion, they are the worst 10 at WDW. Would they be the worst 10 if they were at Six Flags? Probably not. Maybe rather than calling someone you don’t know “an idiot” and a “freakin moron”, maybe you should take a few minutes and list your 10 worst rides at WDW.

      By the way, the Magic Kingdom has by far the most attractions of the WDW theme parks, and it only has 30 rides/attractions, so not sure where your 100 in each park comes from.

    3. Jul 11th

      Maybe they should consider closing the Conservation Station and moving the Adventurer’s Club there… . Just a thought… .

    4. Cindy Olsen
      Jul 13th

      A few weeks ago, I would have agreed with you about the Mage Carpets ride…Then I saw a special needs child in a wheelchair being strapped in for the ride of her life. I was so touched by watching her soar into the sky with her parents riding along with her. She even got to ride two times in a row. Now it is one of my favorite rides at Disney World.

    5. Jul 14th

      I have to agree Conservation Station is very disappointing. What I really dislike about the “ride” is that they make you all cram into that small space to wait for the train to ride to get to Conversation Station.

      The others I have not tried yet, thanks for the info I may reconsider some of them…


    6. Dave
      Jul 16th

      Have you seen “Tom Sawyer Island” at Disneyland? Wait, I mean the all new “Pirate Island”. Go in the cave. It’s very cool! Is it still Tom Sawyer at WDW? If it is, it won’t be for long. I’m going I Sept. I’ll let you know.

    7. Aug 7th

      I would rate the Stitch attraction-wannabe the worst of all time, like in all parks all over the world. Even a carousel is more fun than this. What made it worse is that they have a dang fast-pass for it, as if it is worth even 2 minutes of one’s time. And the awful smell, the “best” part of the ride, only makes this far more stinky!

      I mean with conservation station, u know that it may be boring as its sounds boring (we didn’t even know it was there!), but with stitch, they entice you into a stinky waste of time! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

    8. allie cat
      Aug 10th

      I can see where conservation station wouldn’t be much for for the rabid roller coaster freaks, but to each their own – I like it. The train ride is a relaxing transition, and a rare glimpse “backstage”… and talking to the veterinary people is pretty cool – if you are patient you get to see some of the critters up close. I do like the reptiles and the parrots, though being from Iowa, goats and sheep just don’t strike me as very exotic.

    9. RodNShirle
      Sep 9th

      I absolutely agree about the enchanted Tiki Room. It used to be fun and charming, but is now mostly annoying!

    10. Sep 23rd

      yeah, i went to cs, and it was aweful. they made us stay there for three hours!

    11. Vitaani
      Oct 7th

      I agree with you 100% on Triceritops Spin, but I Actually like the other ones. I absolutely adore Journey Into Imagination, especially since they brought Figment back. The Aladdin ride is, I’ll admit, overdone, but most of the children seem to love it, and not just those under 3 either. I see Tom Sawyer Island as a rugged kind of fun, especially when you can find the two bridges (though I am tired of the raft to get there). The Barnstormer was actually my little one’s first coaster, as he was afraid of all the other ones, and you should have seen him light up when he wanted to ride it AGAIN. Tiki was wonderful at first, but honestly it was in need of an update. I liked body wars, and The Circle of Life, while plenty cheesy, is a good way to wake some people up. I know plenty of Stitch groupies who adore his great escape, and there are plenty of interesting parts to the imagination. As for CS, I adore not only the train ride there, but also the chance to see that these animals get the best of care. I would like to point out that most of these aren’t really “rides” though…

    12. Kristen
      Oct 23rd

      I actually like the aladdin ride better than dumbo because it has a “backseat” and aladdin is my favorite disney movie. and the barnstormer rollercoaster has no wait late nighttime when all the kids go home. me and my friends just stay on it and ride it like 5 times in a row because theres no one else !
      but i do agree Stitch is the WORST ride i have ever been on! the things that press on your shoulders are SO uncomfortable and the smelll…ewwww. they should replace it with a ride for a newer movie like wall-e or something

    13. Kim
      Nov 24th

      Its my opinion that Stitch’s Great Escape is one if not the worst ride at the Magic Kingdom, I go about twice a year coming from Texas, I believe that Disney can do alot better getting rid of that ride, its a waste of space. Nor many rides I can say is a waste and I have been a Disney freak since the days of you had to have a ticket to ride the attractions at Disneyland. However I love Soarin and Turtle Talk with Crush and Rockin Roller coaster and Everest, Now those are wonderful and you never get tired of riding those

    14. Michelle
      Jan 4th

      I agree with you on some. But i feel that the Aladins Magic Carpet ride was actually pretty smart, i mean i have been going to disney world every year since i was 2, and every year dumbo is SO crowded. Just think if that long line was doubled? you know! the others i think you nailed it, except also for Goofys Barnstormer!! I loved that ride when i was a kid and i was shocked when you put it up here, i thought it was awesome, for i was always to scared to go on Spalsh moutain of the ‘triple moutain wamy’. Goofys Barnstormer was always there and i always enjoyed the ride.
      Either way i love Disney, and sure some rides weren’t as great as splash moutain and its a small world, but still, its always going to be magical and ill always love it!!
      Thanks for taking the time to write this, i have fun reading!!

    15. Valerie
      Jan 13th

      Conservation STation is the only place I’ve seen certain characters (Jiminy Cricket, Rafiki, and a few others). The petting zoo is lame, but it’s a nice break for the little ones.

    16. Bob
      Jan 19th

      I definitely agree that Stitch’s Great Escape is a horrible ride but young kids seem to enjoy it. They find it so amazing that the aliens are actually talking to you.

    17. pinto
      Jan 19th

      i thouhgt lilo&stitch was something that you should experience very cute & good for all ages

    18. Disney lover
      Feb 3rd

      I dont know why ya’ll want to say anything bad at all about the happiest place on earth. I have kids and I dont care if they want to ride the same ride a 100 times. Who cares if its boring, remodeled, slow, whatever. be happy that you are at Disney and get over yourself!! if it makes another person happy thats all that matters!

    19. Jill
      Feb 10th

      I absolutely agree with you Disney lover, Thats exactly what I would say! You Rock! 😉

    20. Katie
      Mar 17th

      Ok I agree with most of this. The Stitch ride was the worst ever!! I was expecting something at least a little scary…they strap you in like your gonna bounce all over and stuff and the NOTHING!!! Bad RIDE! It was so bad that I thought it was broken! I was sad to see the Alien ride go – it was awesome.
      I was SHOCKED to see Imagination changed! I miss the old set up from when I was a kid, but my niece loved it so much, I’m not sure why, other than she has a huge IMAGINATION! Tom Sawyer Island was no good, I had never done it in all my years and now I know why…I don’t wanna WALK and CLIMB on a RIDE!!
      BUT WHAT I DISAGREE WITH IS THE CONSERVATION STATION! I had a good time there. My nieces were fascinated with the animal poop and all the snakes and spiders. THIS IS A HIDDEN GEM ON A RAINY DAY! The one day it rained when we were there in DEC 2008, we went to CS and we FIT THE CHARACTER JACKPOT!!! They brought the characters there to get out of the rain and there were only a few dozen people there so we go to all meet the characters, get autographs, play with them and get individual pics. We met Flick, Jimmimy Cricket, The Governor Radcliff, Pochantas, Miko, Timon, Rafiki, Brier Bear and Brier Rabbit, and 2 other character I cannot remember. So if it rainy and you need something to do, go to the Conservation Station.
      What you left out, I was disappointed in the remake of the Norway ride, no fun!

    21. Donna
      Jun 21st

      i disagree with all but stitches great escape he is one of my favorites Disney is wasting the space and the character on this one. there is so much more the could do with it. as far a imagination I love this.. i preferred the first one but this one is cute.. they should bring back the original or leave it alone. I think test track is a waste you can do that on I95 anytime of the day. .

    22. Dave!
      Jul 4th

      Hey Im going to florida in september and now i really have a good insight on what to go on and what not
      I Think from what ive heard im deffo not going on CS Im 12, but i love rollercoasters so any good rollercoasters?went on rockin’ roller coaster at Paris resort and I LOVED It is there any diffrence?
      But i totally disagree about tom sawyer.
      Last time i went i was 6 and i thought Tom swyer was AMAZING but maybe its aimed at younger kids and im scared that this time i dont have as good imagination and just think FAKE to everything what do you think?


    23. Dawn
      Jul 25th

      I love this website!! First of all I have to agree on some of them, but I just love the new tiki room. I remember the old one when I was little and love how they have combined the old with the new.

    24. Peter
      Aug 13th

      I enjoyed the heck out of the Aladdin magic carpet–for the crafting of the carpets, the decoration of the center spindle, and for the spitting camel who nails you with water if you are at the top height as you pass. Of course, I have a three year-old, and she loved it–just the right level of excitement and whimsy. You need to remember that Magic Kingdom needs to cater to lots of younger kids who can be scared by some of the theme rides and are too small for some of the action rides.

      Even apart from my kid, though, I like the ride for its action and style.

    25. Boyd
      Aug 18th

      I worked on the Wildlife Express train actually. They do not force you off the train when you get to Conservation Station. You’re perfectly welcome to stay on the train for as many trips back and forth as you like. Of course, when they’re busy, they may…encourage you to deboard the train

    26. Boyd
      Aug 18th

      oh and a few problems with your list here.
      half of these aren’t even rides, two of them are basically the same ride, and one isn’t even open anymore. maybe you meant the worst “attractions”? still…bad list.

    27. Eliza
      Nov 9th

      the alladin ride if FUN to me why don’t u like it?

    28. Ryan
      Nov 16th

      I agree with the list. It is u parents with the kids especially moms (no offense) that don’t go on the good rides and like every ride. I know the Stitch ride sucks. I don’t even go on rides like Tri. spin or carpets of aladin. But all of the people who wait for Stitch, it’s just not worth it!

    29. Jan 3rd

      I just found this site…I love Top Ten lists but especially Disney Top Ten lists!

      While I personally agree with most of this list, I have to say that my then 2yo LOVED the Barnstormer. In fact, on our July trip, we probably rode it a minimum of 15 times!

      As for Journey into Imagination, my boys loved it. Go figure. I much preferred the previous incarnation(s).

    30. Len
      Jan 4th

      Now you know three people that roda Body Wars twice in one day: me, my wife, and my mother. We all thought it was great fun & miss the whole pavillion where it was housed.

      I agree with Stitch being pretty lame, but enjoy some of the other attractions you mentioned (Tiki Room, Imagination). I’ve never been to CS but plan on checking it out in February since we’ve done all of the other attractions at AK.

      I might include the water rides in Norway and Mexico if I were making up a 10 attractions to skip list – especially if there’s a line.

    31. Sara
      Jan 22nd

      Although I don’t agree with many of those rides on the list (I tend to find joy in ALL of the Disney attractions one way or another) I have to admit, I was saddened by the loss of the original Journey Into Imagination. I used to love that ride as a child (I’m 19 now) and I still wish they would change it back.

    32. mm
      Mar 14th

      i dont like any of those rides i perfer to have the big and fun ones not the boring ones besides stiches great excape thats a fun one 2

    33. Kelley
      Mar 24th

      I do not understand how someone can talk about disneyworld this way. they provide so much joy to families all around the world! I do want to say that Dumbo, Aladdin, and Triceratop are always busy so they are obviously fun to people. and disneyworld isn’t just about riding the most thrilling rides, its about making memories. whether they are on rides that are thrilling or not. all that matters is that happy faces are made. this list is just awful. its completely rude to trash a company that has been the most family incorporated than any other since it started

    34. Tinkerbell
      Jul 28th

      Stupid! most of those rides are great!

    35. Mickey Lover
      Oct 10th

      I love Goofy’s Barnstormer! im sorry but it is an amazing ride! none of those rides r bad @ all!!! come on dont do something like this 2 disney! 🙁

    36. Rachel
      Nov 28th

      Another that should be added to the list is the “Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I expected some sort of movement in this attraction, but found out its about 35 people standing in a room watching snippits of the movie. If I wanted to see the movie…I’d go get it. The actor’s clothing at the end of this “attraction” were interesting…but not worth the hype. Disney fooled me!

    37. GINNY
      Dec 16th


    38. Dec 16th

      Ginny – At the time of writing this, the Drew Cary show was closed, or it would have been included in the list (horrible). I don’t really count Narnia as a ride, more of a temporary exhibit (or temporary advertisement), most people don’t even know it exists.

    39. b ryan
      Dec 29th

      I’m sure that for someone like me who has never gone to disney, would enjoy any or these rides 🙂 that said, I’m planning to go (as long as I can get there before I turn 40 it will be alright) and will ride all I can. I’ll probably like the magic carpet ride simply cuz ialaddin was my favorite movie and jasmine is my favorite disney girl.

    40. Sammi
      Feb 14th

      oh my gosh I love the conservation station. My little brother loves animals so he has such a fun time there. It is nice to go to the petting zoo, and let the kids hear a talk and get to pet a reptile. Also if you go in the morning a lot of time they do procedures on the animals and you get to watch. I would most definitely recommend conservation station especially to those with kids who like animals

    41. Lucy
      Apr 3rd

      Great topic since there is so much to do at WDW it helps to know that you aren’t missing much if you miss a ride/attraction or 10. I was just at WDW a few days ago and would agree that Drew Carey’s Sounds Dangeous was a waste of time. I remember the former sound effects attraction was interactive and very funny. Also, as fun as it was to get wet, I was disappointed in the Water Rapid Ride in AK. The reason…long wait for such a quick ride and grumpy cast members.

    42. Jim
      Apr 20th

      Drew Carey is Horrible that would be #1 worst ride on my list….although I do enjoy the tiki room and joureny into imagination with figment.

    43. Pigeon
      Apr 30th

      I hate it when they ruin really awesome rides by remaking them 🙁 I cried when they updated Pirates at Disneyland- mostly because the music was really dumbed down in favor of the movie soundtrack.

    44. Joey
      May 10th

      I always enjoyed Body Wars and never saw anybody appear sick from riding it.

      The Stitch ride should have been left as Alien Encounter and just had an age limit put in–it was fun enough for older kids and adults but it scared little kids. Now, it still scares little kids but the ride is lame for everybody who liked it before.

    45. Jessica
      May 29th

      I actually really enjoyed Journey into Imagination with Figment in the past. I am going again in October, so we shall see if my view has changed afterward!
      However, the Stitch ride? I HATE that they got rid of the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter in Magic Kingdom. My family and I LOVED that ride. Stitch just is NOT the same!!

    46. Smumdax
      Jul 24th

      Worst ride: “Journey Into Narnia: Prince of Caspian”.

      It beats most if not all of the ones on this Top 10 lists, clearly.

    47. Smumdax
      Jul 24th

      Let me add: if you don’t count Narnia as a ride, then you shouldn’t count C.S. either.

    48. Holly
      Aug 17th

      I know WDW has three spinners, but Aladdin is the best one! The hydraulics on it are WAY more loose than on Dumbo or T-Spin. The up-and-down is a lot more intense on the carpets.

    49. RWB
      Oct 1st

      You forgot one more ride that was not worth it. The “Carousel of Pogress” it has the most annoying theme music. It’s completly old and dated. But it is good if you need a a break and wnat to take a nap. My kids did on this ride.

    50. Oct 2nd

      RWB – It would be really hard for me to include this, as it is one of my favorite rides in all of Disneydom. A classic look at the vision Walt had of the future, and his love of the past.

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